Follow these creative ways to create neutral colour scheme Aug 26, 2016 Author Port Macquarie Painters: Guest
Create neutral colour scheme

You may be feeling neutral colour schemes boring. But, It might not be once you consider a neutral colour scheme for one or your complete residence. As you can find various types of beige available, there are an extra neutral colour scheme compared to beige. While developing a neutral colour scheme, it can be more […]

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Top painting tips: Painting kitchen tiles Aug 18, 2016 Author Port Macquarie Painters: Guest
kitchen tiles painting

The renovation is one of the best ways to give your kitchen a fresh look. Decoration and modernising a kitchen can turn you out of the budget. However, there are lots of ways to update your cooking space without an absolute renovate. If you have kitchen tiles that are old and old-fashioned, but you fail […]

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Are you familiar with these handy painting tools? Aug 12, 2016 Author Port Macquarie Painters: Guest
painting tools

Home is the key asset and your home really deserves to be beautiful.  You can find lots of service provider that supplies wide-ranging accessory products to all the major paint specialist as well as retail stores. Also, these products are utilised by home proprietors to decorate their most essential property, their residence. Better decide in […]

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5 common paint colour mistakes you should not repeat Aug 5, 2016 Author Port Macquarie Painters: Guest
Paint colour mistakes

Are you familiar with the common paint colour mistakes? Beautiful home is the combination of suitable paint colour and incredible decorations. However, picking up a colour is not a decision to take lightly, as it sets the mood of your room and impacts how your furnishing looks. Here are common paint colour mistakes that you should not […]

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How to paint room: the easiest steps painting your space Jul 29, 2016 Author Port Macquarie Painters: Guest
How to paint room

For a beautiful home, you need eye-catching painting colours, fantastic decoration, and clean surroundings. When you desire to paint a room, it is essential to research on it. This makes sure that you get the best possible result. Are you still in Dilemma to paint a room? We will drive you through every step that encounters […]

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