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Safety Precautions: Spray Painting,

1. Never point the gun at anyone.

2. Never place the gun tip in contact with your body, or place hands or fingers on the tip, whether pressurised or unpressurised.


3. Always shut off the power and relieve. the fluid pressure before repairing the equipment, or attempting to remove gun tip, filter, or gun itself from the system. Remember, shutting off the power does not relieve the system pressure.

4. A plugged hose can contain flu.id under high pressure. Always cover a swivel coupling with a rag and loosen coupling slightly. Release the pressure slowly before disconnecting the hose completely.

5. After shutting the power off and relieving fluid pressure, always remove the tip from the gun to clean it. Reversible spray tips can be rotated to be cleaned of a blockage, and do not need to be removed from the spray gun.

6. Always tighten threaded connections carefully and securely, using open box or crescent wrenches of the proper size.

7. Handle hoses carefully to prevent cuts and abrasion to the hose, which can cause dangerous leaks or damage to the ground wire. Fluid hose should be inspected frequently. Do not try to repair airless spray hose, but replace it.

8. Whenever a gun is not being used, engage· the trigger safety to prevent accidental triggering. If a trigger guard is present on the gun, do not remove it. If the gun has a safety tip guard, which is designed to prevent contact between the tip and the body, do not remove or modify that guard.

9. Don’t exceed the equipment’s maximum fluid line pressure.

10. Always follow the paint and solvent manufacturer’s safety precautions and

11. Always use the lowest pressure possible when flushing a system. Remove the tip arid hold the gun firmly against the inside of a grounded metal waste container to prevent static sparking.

Personal Protection

Many coatings are hazardous:

1. Avoid contact with the skin, eyes, nose and mouth.

2. Avoid breathing paint mist or solvent fumes.

3. Wear clean, properly fitting clothes that cover’ all parts of the body.

4. Gloves, steel-toed work boots and hats should be worn for some jobs.·

5. Safety glasses or eye protection should be worn during spraying and flushing to prevent fluids from coming into contact with the eyes.

6. Material Safety Data Sheets should be checked for information about the hazards of the paint being applied.

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