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Dripping paint on your clothes or on other fabrics doesn’t have to ruin the items. Most paint stains can be removed from clothes and other items such as drapes, blankets, and upholstery. Here is how you can remove paint stains that are both oil-based and water-based.

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1. Read the care label that it attached to the clothing item or garment. In some cases the best way to remove the paint stain may not be best for the certain item. Use your discretion and err on the side of caution when using these methods to remove paint stains.

2. To remove a paint stain that is oil based, follow these instructions:

Scrape off as much of the paint stain as you can. Sponge on some paint thinner and blot the paint stain with a paper towel. Repeat this several times until most of the stain has come out and you have blotted up as much of the paint as you can. Rub liquid detergent on the paint stain while the fabric is still wet with the paint thinner. Hand wash the item in hot water and allow it to hang to dry.

3. To remove paint stains that are water-based follow these instructions: Don’t allow the paint stain to dry. Rinse the fabric well with warm water. Apply an enzyme presoak stain remover with warm water. Rinse the fabric off again with warm water. Hand wash the fabric as you normally would would with a mild detergent. Allow the item to hang to dry.

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