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kitchen tiles painting

The renovation is one of the best ways to give your kitchen a fresh look. Decoration and modernising a kitchen can turn you out of the budget.

However, there are lots of ways to update your cooking space without an absolute renovate.

If you have kitchen tiles that are old and old-fashioned, but you fail to reinstate them with new tiles, try to paint them. I know it is a time-consuming procedure, but trust me; you will surely save lots of expenses that can come from kitchen renovation and decoration.

Painting kitchen tiles are one way to give your space new looks, and most of the areas of your kitchen can benefit going along your budget.

Check out the top tips on painting kitchen tiles:

Pick up the colours

Firstly, pick up the colours of your choice and that you’ll be using. To make your venture simpler, pick up only one colour. For an extra dimension to your kitchen tiles, follow one colour in a few more shades.

If you truly love to confront yourself, pick a bunch of colours, but make sure to select ones that favour your cupboard, countertop and the colour of the walls.

Use enamel paint in your preferred colour

Since tiles are lustrous as well as smooth and it can be sometimes troubling to get paint to attach to them, attempt utilising enamel paint in your preferred colour.

Also, it is significant to put a surface conditioner for enamel paint on your tiles earlier than you paint them.

Do not forget to clean your tile with degreaser

Earlier than you start painting clean your tile carefully with a degreaser. Do not forget to use soap and water.

Complete the cleaning procedure by washing your tiles down with rubbing alcohol. Also, assure to mark off any areas all over your tile that you do not desire to paint. 

Make some time to practice on old tiles

When you are all set for painting kitchen tiles, make some time to practice old tiles or ones that will be concealed by an appliance that helps get the hang of things.

If your paint becomes very thick, dilute it for better constancy. Keep a small amount of paint on every tile and brush on a thin layer to get rid of any drips.

Also, strive to keep the paint from running into the grout, but if it does, you also can cover it up afterwards with some white paint.

Wrapping Up,

I hope, now you are aware of painting kitchen tiles. When you use multiple colours, it is helpful to utilise one-day painting with a colour then proceeding to the tiles with the next colour.

Also, you might require 2-3 coats to totally cover all the tiles with fresh colour. After you are done, use the foam roller to soften the paint and eradicate any brush marks.

Finally, you can allow your tiles cure for one week. If you have any confusion in painting and decoration you can always get help from the painting and decoration company.

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